The Epigenesys logotype with the Epigenesys mark below.


Genetics research and testing identity.

Epigenesys is challenging how we think about genomics and disease. They're using epigenetic biomarkers to dramatically improve disease diagnosis and treatment reducing disease burden worldwide. The science behind this involves looking at the layer of genetics on top of our DNA—the genetic markers that are influenced by our environment.

After competitive research and exploration, the brand took on this idea of the layer beneath. Specifically, the layer beneath our DNA that can be influenced by our environment. We explored various marks that played with this idea of layering ultimately deciding on the final version here which represents a DNA strand and its epigenetic layer beneath. Paired with a serif wordmark, the logo and brand stands out amongst the competition looking more professional and mature in tone.

Image of the Epigenesys logo, represented by an abstract double-helix and a second, dotted double-helix underneath. Two versions of the Epigenesys logo, one dark on a light background, and one blue on a bright yellow background. The front of a business card with the Epigenesys logo, sitting on top of another business card with a blue backing. Two Epigenesys marks surrounded by a dotted pattern on a blue background and a yellow background
Brand patterns.

We looked at many different typefaces and versions of the strand mark, most of them exploring the idea of overlapping genetics. Another direction included Es made out of the shapes used for portraying epigenetic markers.

Eight alternative Epigenesys logos on a white background.
Alternative logos explored during design.
Six illustrations of various double-helix.
Iterations on the strand mark.
Epigenesys logo with the tagline 'Epigenetic precision medicine.'
Final logo and tagline lockup.