The words Mayflower Vintage sitting on top of a field of mayflower illustrations.

Mayflower Vintage

Vintage clothing and antiques brand.

My wife and her mother have been running a small pop-up shop for the last three years where they sell vintage clothing and antiques. In that time, they have grown their online clothing sales through Etsy and have created a following in the Boston and Providence areas. With that came the need for a new mark to represent their style and direction.

The new brand naturally focuses on the Massachusetts state flower, the Mayflower. The mark itself started as a detailed single-color illustration that was then simplified for a general use logo. The pattern, the type, and the logo come together in different ways to create ads, bags, cards, and tagsā€”all the potential touchpoint with a customer.

Three mayflowers on a branch with the words Mayflower Vintage underneath. A drawing of five mayflowers on a branch next to a more refined image of three mayflowers on a branch.
Original illustration for the Mayflower mark.
Three iPhones with the first showing an Instagram post that reads Two canvas shopping bags, one with text that reads A paper shopping bag with a mayflower pattern and the words Mayflower Vintage printed on the side.