Three scientific instruments, each labeled for a different U.S. city, underneath the Meenta logo.


Next-gen sequencing brand.

Meenta connects labs across the globe by allowing scientists to search, compare, and book time on remote instruments at other labs. Initially focused only on next-gen sequencing instruments, they're now branching out into more areas of research including biophysics, proteomics, and cryoEM.

As an early-stage startup Meenta needed a visual brand quickly to help them talk to potential investors. Working together to understand Meenta's tone and voice we settled on a clean, scientific, trustworthy logotype that stood out amongst their competitors.

Image of the Meenta logotype set on a blue background.
Meenta's logotype set in Idlewild

The Meenta website is the introduction to them and their service. The biggest challenge is clearly and consicely explaining what Meenta does to their different audiences. Live instruemnt search included as the first call-to-action on the site allows visitors to freely search Meenta's growing library of instruments and see what Meenta offers. The rest of the homepage is in support of that interaction, explaning in more detail how the platform works and who is using it.

Image of the Meenta homepage including the title 'Access the World's Scientific Equipment' along with a search bar for finding instruments. Image of the Meenta's public search results showing various instruments, their price, and availability.

Meenta was accepted into Techstars' Boston Accelerator class of 2018. The three month program culminates in Demo Day where each start-up presents their pitch to hundreds of potential investors. I worked closely to help the team hone in their deck as they received feedback from advisors.

Photo of the Meenta CEO on the Techstars stage with slides presented behind him.
Meenta CEO Gabor Bethlendy presents at Techstars Demo Day 2018
An image showing six slides as examples from the Meenta presentation from Techstars Demo Day 2018.
Selection of slides created for Techstars Demo Day 2018

Meenta is now in the process of building out their new public facing website which includes an updated design and a revamped digital design system of components to make it easy to build new pages that help them tell their story.